Sept. 6, 2019 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Historic Rule Finally Approved: 20-Second Action Rule has the potential to cut 20 minutes or more off game times in college baseball. 

Record Strikeouts In 2019 Season: Strikeouts per 9 innings for each team was a record 8.08, according to NCAA Division I Baseball Statistics Trends report as numbers skyrocket last 5 years.

Researchers Can Predict Where Recruits Will Go: University of Iowa researchers come up with formula that can be used in baseball when analyzing Twitter accounts of recruits.

Summer League Rundown: Collegiate Baseball takes in-depth look at college summer teams that captured titles along with top players.

Miami’s ‘Grand Illusion’ Special: Lou Pavlovich explains greatest sting operation in history of game that happened at 1982 College World Series.

USA Baseball Summer Teams: Taking a look at how different national baseball teams did over the summer of 2019.

Summer Coaching Changes Across USA: Here are all of the numerous moves college coaches made during the past few months. 

New NCAA Bat Testing Protocols Explained: In-season bat testing will take place for first time in Division I next season with specific protocols that must be followed. In-season bat testing in Divisions II and III will begin in 2021.

Rod Dedeaux Award Winner: LSU’s Paul Mainieri wins this prestigious award during presentation at Dodger Stadium prior to game between Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

New High School Rule: National Federation of State High School Associations expands role of designated hitter for 2020 season.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Here is an explanation when hitters offer at check swings and bunts.

Gary Ward Instructional Clinic: Are we going backward with strength programs? The small muscles in the body allow the athlete to perform great feats, and they must be trained.

Jack Dunn Instructional Clinic: Consistently turning double plays is the hallmark of successful teams.

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